Laminar Air Flow ESCO

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    PROMO Laminar Air Flow ESCO

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    Airstream® Gen 3 Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Bench

    Esco Airstream Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Bench blends in latest laminar flow technology and innovation to provide proven protection for your samples and processes. Customers all over the world can now enjoy a plethora of laminar clean flow bench specification while enjoying the benefits of product protection.

    The new generation Airstream Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Benches offers a wide range of options for our customers; with glass side wall, sizes from 3 to 6 feet, Behind the many options that the customer can select, the full range of the new Esco Airstream laminar flow clean benches is powered by the latest generation DC ECM motor.

    Key Benefits :

    • ISO Class 3 workzone
    • Energy Efficient
    • Superior airflow uniformity
    • Array of cabinet specifications suited for your particular needs

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